The Logics, Artificial Intelligence
and Formal Methods Lab

We develop scientific research on the topics of knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, automated planning, probabilistic graphical models and formal methods. The lab has been around since 2000 and is part of the Computer Science Department of University of São Paulo.

If you are interested in learning more about AI, don't hesitate to contact us or attend one of our seminars!


The Logics, Artificial Intelligence and Formal Methods Lab (LIAMF) has been created in 2000 and currently consists of six staff members and their graduate and undergraduate students. We are involved in research funded by the Brazilian government and/or institutional funding agencies, international agencies as well as industry. We offer regular courses at graduate and undergraduate levels and also short courses on specific topics, usually related to ongoing projects. We hold weekly meetings where members of the group or their guests can present their ongoing research.



Ana C. Vieira de Melo


Denis Deratani Maua


Leliane Nunes de Barros




Renata Wassermann



PhD Students

Student Erika Guetti Suca
Erika Guetti Suca
Knowledge Representation, Ontologies, Privacy
Student Fabiano Luz
Fabiano Luz
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation
Student Felipe Salvatore
Felipe Salvatore
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning
Student Ignasi Andres
Ignasi Andres
Planning under uncertainty, Robotic planning
Student Julissa Villanueva
Julissa Villanueva
Probabilistic Models, Machine Learning
Student Jandson S. Ribeiro
Jandson S. Ribeiro
Belief Revision, Modal Logics, Temporal Logics
Student Leticia Gindri
Leticia Gindri
Formal Methods, Formal Verification
Student Maricy Caregnato
Maricy Caregnato
Data science, Data Mining, Text Mining
Ricardo F. Guimarães
Ricardo F. Guimarães
Belief Revision, Modularity in Ontologies, Description Logics
Student Sandro Preto
Sandro Preto
Logic and Probabilities
Student Thiago P. Bueno
Thiago P. Bueno
Probabilistic Planning, Machine Learning
Student Rayssa Küllian
Rayssa Küllian
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics

MSc Students

Student Alan Barzilay
Alan Barzilay
Natural Language Processing, Programming Language Processing
Student Débora Lina Ciriaco
Débora Lina Ciriaco
Health Informatics, Semantic Data Integration
Student João Brito
João de Santana Brito Junior
Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning
Student Lucas Moura
Lucas Moura
Deep Learning, Probabilistic Machine Learning
Student Luis Moneda
Luis Moneda
Machine Learning
Student Paula Moraes
Paula Moraes
Probabilistic Planning
Student Thiago Lira
Thiago Lira
Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
Student Viviane Bonadia
Viviane Bonadia dos Santos
Automated Planning, Non-deterministic Planning
Student Willy Reis
Willy Reis
Planning under uncertainty
Student Augusto Camargo
Augusto Camargo
Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
Student Felipe Peressim
Felipe Peressim
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing
Student Gustavo De Mari Pereira
Gustavo De Mari Pereira
Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Probabilistic Planning


Rua Matão 1010,
CCSL, Lab 17
Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME)
University of São Paulo (USP)
São Paulo - SP, Brazil